about us

Lin-Glazed Beauty offers innovative slimming and skin care solutions. We use all-natural slimming products, as well as a scientifically formulated luxury skin care range, to enhance and maintain the effects of the treatment solutions we provide.Our devotion is to unveil the inner and outer beauty of women everywhere in order to differentiates us from generic beauty brands.

Why We Do What We Do

Our vision is to redefine beauty and create environments that empower individuals to discover their own kind of beautiful and to share it with the world in a graceful, fearless and inspirational way.

We believe that the world does not need another glamour brand; it needs a mirror, one that reflects the true beauty inside each of us.

We also believe in real results that can be measured and are grounded on evidence-based research, not empty hype and gimmicks.

We look forward to your stay.


We want to ensure our clients get to experience the most comfortable and friendly service. We thrive to be known for exceptional dedication and Customer’s satisfaction is our ultimate goal.